Experiences in Maldives

There is hardly a more enticing vacation spot in the world right now than the Maldives. You think of the sun, the sea, amazing food, cocktails, and amazing activities, but what activities exactly? There is a wide variety of activities to engage in, and selecting the ones to do can get overwhelming. One thing you want to avoid on your vacation is getting stressed or overwhelmed. Hence why we have a list of the most fun activities to partake in the Maldives, and where you can do that.

Scuba diving

One of the most iconic things people associate with the Maldives is the clear blue Indian Ocean. It invites you to take a dive and explore the beautiful sea creatures below. Luckily the Maldives offer many scuba diving opportunities such as affordable PADI dive centers. This is an option for those that are uncertified divers to take a discovery dive. The crystal blue water is home to an array of sea creatures like stingrays, whales, sharks, sea turtles, eels, seahorses, etc.
The water is warm and suitable for diving conditions, so you won’t need a suit to participate in this adventure. Just take your adventurous spirit along with you and enjoy the view. Raa Atoll, Malé, Maafushi, Dhangethi, and Addu City are among a host of cities in the Maldives with ideal diving conditions.


For those who may prefer staying closer to the surface of the sea, unlike diving, snorkeling is the activity for you! Luckily the Maldives is surrounded by a multitude of coral reefs that make this possible. This way you get to experience the beautiful sea creatures at the top and swim with the fishes and sea turtle.
Since it’s close to the top and you will be making use of a snorkel, you can stay for hours just exploring and enjoying the crystal blue waters and pristine reefs of the Maldives. There are various resorts that provide ideal snorkeling conditions in the following islands: Malé, Maafushi, Dhangethi, and Addu City.


Clear blue ocean, perfect waves, sun-shining; what else comes to mind? Surfing! If you’re an avid surfer, then surfing the Indian Ocean should definitely be on your bucket list. Especially if you’re visiting the Maldives.
It’s such a prime location for surfing that the Cinnamon Dhonveli break attracts some of the world’s top pro surfers. If you’re not a pro, no worries, there are other islands in the Maldives with free ocean access that allow you to surf accordingly. If you’re not a surfer, then you can sit back and enjoy the show before while basking in the beautiful sun. The Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll offers the best surfing conditions in the Maldives.

Stand up paddleboarding

This is the perfect alternative for non-surfers like myself. And it’s a great activity to carry out in the Maldives as it has a lot of islands with calm waters. You can stand or lie on your paddleboard and see the clear sea creatures as they swim beneath you in the clear blue water. The islands are also quiet and very serene, so you can have a relaxed day away from all the buzz as well.


Why else do you go on vacation, but for peace, serenity, and mental re-alignment? Yoga ticks all these boxes.
Even if you’re the more adventurous type who would rather be out surfing or diving, yoga is a great activity to take part in. It’s exercise for the soul.

Balinese massage

If you’re on vacation with your spouse or partner, a great romantic activity to partake in together is the Balinese massage. It’s a great way to pamper yourselves and spend some intimate time together.
The mood is set by serene music and masseurs rubbing out the kinks and knots in your bones. You get to wind down from the craziness of other activities and give each other quality time. Keep your calendar open for the rest of the day as you’d need to bask in that nice relaxed feeling.

Scenic flight

What’s the best way to take in all the beauty of the Maldives at once? A scenic flight! You get to have the perfect view of the crystal blue waters crashing against the reefs and sandbars. And also get to see the many atolls and islands that make up the Maldives. From up there you witness the isolation of the islands and appreciate the wonder of the Maldives more.
Some resorts often require a twin-engine floatplane to transport clients to and from the resort. This could save you the hassle of having to book a separate flight to take in the Maldives. However, not all the resorts do this so you might have to book for one.

Explore the islands

For those who aren’t aware, the Maldives is a region made up of multiple atolls and islands inhabited by locals. The prevalent religion in the Maldives in Islam and the locals make most of their income from selling seafood and offering tours.
It’s always great to leave your resort and explore the various islands on the Maldives. The people are mostly peaceful and it’s very safe. You just have to dress appropriately and you’re welcome to experience the city.