10 Best Indian restaurants in Maldives resorts

The last decade or so has seen Indian food gain immense popularity around the world. Whether it is the diversity of the recipes, the possibility to enjoy vegetarian meals, or the robustness of the flavors, Indian cuisine promises a tastebud-enticing experience like...

Best indian restaurants in Maldives

Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Maldives

What makes a good travel destination? There are, of course, a few fundamentals. It needs to be safe, should have excursions for all ages, and offers a unique experience that you can’t find elsewhere. The Maldives checks all these boxes with ease. After all, there...

Vegan salad Maldives

8 Best Japanese restaurants in the Maldives

The complexity that so beautifully hides behind the simplicity of Japanese cuisine is the primary reason for its popularity worldwide. Mind you, the art of taking only a few ingredients and transforming them into delightful bites of food is no easy task. No wonder...

Chef cooking on a teppanyaki grill

Best cafes in Malé and Hulhumalé, Maldives

When visiting Malé on a day tour, for a business visit, or to stay longer, the city promises a range of attractions that showcase the daily life of Maldivians. As the capital city, it is the political, administrative, and cultural hub of the country. A bustling...

Best cafes in Male and Hulhumale


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