Which countries visit Ibiza the most?
  • 1- The United Kingdom. The United Kingdom alone accounts for one third of visitors to Ibiza. ...
  • 2- Germany. Germany is known for its inexpensive beer and the famous Oktoberfest folk festival. ...
  • 3- Spain. About 10% of tourists in Ibiza come from Spain. ...
  • 4- Italy. ...
  • 5- France.
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What population of Ibiza has tourists?

The Ibiza population is estimated to be 160,000 people, which swells to around one million during the summer tourist season. The primary reason Ibiza's growing population is its increasing popularity as a tourist destination.
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Where are Ibiza tourists from?

You are very likely to see English people on the island. There is over 800.000 people visiting the island each year. This number kept steady despite Brexit. We also see Spanish local visitors around 650.000 per year, Italian around 400.000 and French around 175.000.
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Why do people visit Ibiza?

Ibiza is widely known for its wild nightlife, but there is also plenty of other exciting things to do during the day. From the history of Ibiza Town, across breathtaking view from Sa Talaiassa to the sandy beaches of Cala Llenya, Ibiza is an island that is well worth a visit.
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How many Brits visit Ibiza each year?

Looking at the United Kingdom statistics specifically, Ibiza welcomed over 871,000 travellers from British airports during the aforementioned time frame. Projected end-of-year tourism figures show than the United Kingdom will deliver again the highest number of overseas visitors to Ibiza.
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What is the average age of people that go to Ibiza?

Ibiza can be proud of its extremely cosmopolitan atmosphere as it draws in people from all over the world, especially from Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Italy, France and Germany. The age range of visitors is also broad, with an average age of 44.
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Is Ibiza always a party?

Ibiza is one of those places that's perceived as one big crazy party island that never sleeps… but it's so much more than that! It's a charming island with beautiful beaches, delicious food, and yes, lots and lots of parties!
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Is Ibiza just a party island?

Ibiza for many years has been known as a party island, but this is simply not the case. The island also has a relaxed and peaceful side to it. Ibiza is suitable for both the young and the old looking for something more than bars and clubs.
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Can you go to Ibiza and not party?

If you're looking to take a holiday where you do nothing but lay on a beach, Ibiza can very much be the place for you. However, if you're inclined to be more active, there's also plenty to get up to.
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Why do English people go to Ibiza?

They go there for one thing above all, the 24-hour clubbing. Out of just over two million visitors to Ibiza last year, 711,000 were British, and more are expected this year. That is the equivalent of the entire population of Leeds moving to Ibiza for the summer.
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Is Ibiza still a party town?

The nightlife hotspots in Ibiza are among the best worldwide, known for their diverse music scene and non-stop partying! Naturally, you may need a tip or two to figure out where to start. We recommend staying in one of Ibiza's main clubbing resorts: Ibiza Town, San Antonio and Playa d'en Bossa.
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Who made Ibiza popular?

At the top of the 1960s, Ibiza saw the “flower power” revolution with an abundance of hippies moving to the island. They enjoyed the quiet, laid-back attitude of the islanders and the natural beauty of the beaches. The '70s brought with it the rock and roll music that was taking over the Americas.
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What is Ibiza most known for?

Ibiza is well known for its nightlife and electronic dance music club scene in the summer, which attract large numbers of tourists. The island's government and the Spanish Tourist Office have worked toward promoting more family-oriented tourism. Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Do any famous people live in Ibiza?

Other celebrities with properties in Ibiza include Pepe Martínez, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, the Goyanes-Lapique family and Blanca and Borja Thyssen. Vladimir Doronin, the Russian millionaire ex-husband of Naomi Campbell has a mansion in San Jose.
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Is it easy to make friends in Ibiza?

Many people are worried that they will not have fun when going solo, but it is impossible not to have fun on the party island. Even if you are going to Ibiza solo, there is no doubt you will find people with similar interests as you and maybe even make friends for life, so you will not go on the next journey alone.
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Is Ibiza a family destination?

Often overlooked, Ibiza is a bustling family holiday destination. Choose sandy serenity or explore the beautiful island's family oriented activities.
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Is Ibiza clothing optional?

Many other beaches on Ibiza and Formentera allow nudity.

On Ibiza Sa Caleta beach's extremities are good, in the shape of small sandy coves and rocks to the right and on the rocks going left. Cala Nova has a nudist section in the middle too.
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Am I too old to go to Ibiza?

Yes You Can Get Into Ibiza's Clubs In Your Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Older! The resounding answer is that you are not too old to go clubbing in Ibiza, no matter what your age.
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Is it worth going to Ibiza alone?

Ibiza is so much more than a party island, there's loads of things to see and do as a solo traveller. Amazing beaches to explore, beautiful sunsets, Ibiza old town, markets and great beach clubs.
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Do they speak English in Ibiza?

Language. In Ibiza, there are two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. As the island is an important international tourist destination, many people working in tourist establishments also speak other languages such as English, Italian, French or German.
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How many days in Ibiza is enough?

How Many Days In Ibiza? The longer, the better! As we just explained, there are many things to do in Ibiza, and three days may not be enough. That said, 5-7 days may be good enough for you to enjoy the island while relaxing.
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Which is better Mallorca or Ibiza?

Ibiza offers more options for party-goers and nightlife enthusiasts, while Mallorca has a broader range of family-friendly and all-inclusive resorts. Make sure to book your accommodation in advance as it tends to be sold out, especially in summer. Check our guide to the best places to stay in Ibiza.
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Is Ibiza like Las Vegas?

Ibiza and Las Vegas are both touristic destinations with state-of-the-art venues and top-of-the-class DJs. One of the biggest differences of the party styles between the two places is the type of music played. In Ibiza, there is a wide variety of electronic dance music.
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Is it safe to walk in Ibiza at night?

On the contrary, the safety rate of walking around Ibiza during the day is 71.92%, considered high on the scale. No matter which district of Ibiza you end up in, there's still a big chance you'll remain safe and free from harm. At night, on the other hand, the safety rate drops to 40.40%.
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Is Ibiza too crowded?

Crowds: Ibiza is a popular destination for tourists and party-goers, and can get crowded during the peak tourist season. If you prefer smaller crowds and a more relaxed pace, it's best to visit during the shoulder seasons of May or October.
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