If you have the choice, try to book a flight that leaves between 8 am and noon and arrives between 6 pm and 10 pm. According to this book, flights that leave late at night (10 pm-1 am) and arrive in the morning (8 am to noon) give a much bigger risk for jet lag.
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What is the best time to fly to avoid jet lag?

My personal preference is for flights that depart in the evening and arrive as close to the morning as possible. Or, alternatively, find flights that arrive just before it's time for bed – especially for the way home. By departing at night, I find it's easier to catch some good sleep once you get on the plane.
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How many hours do you have to fly to get jet lag?

Jet lag symptoms usually occur within a day or two after traveling across at least two time zones. Symptoms are likely to be worse or last longer the farther you travel. This is especially true if you fly east. It usually takes about a day to recover for each time zone crossed.
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How do I prevent jet lag before flying?

Try out these tips – most of which have the benefit of being completely natural:
  1. Start adjusting light exposure before your trip to decrease the length of time you will feel jet lagged. ...
  2. Consider taking melatonin supplements if you're traveling east. ...
  3. Time your flight. ...
  4. Try to sleep during your flight.
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Can you get jet lag from a 3 hour flight?

Yes. People flying across only one or two time zones may be able to adjust without the noticeable effects of the time change. Those flying across three or more time zones will likely develop noticeable symptoms of jet lag.
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14 Pro Tips to Avoid Jet Lag | Travel Hacks

Do flight attendants get jet lag?

Jet lag is one of the hardest parts of flight attendant life and if not handled properly, can leave you feeling like a perpetually jetlagged, sleep-deprived zombie or worse – have long-term negative impacts on your health.
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How long does jet belly last?

You may feel discomfort and notice minor swelling in your abdomen area as well. Luckily jet belly shouldn't last more than one week after you land and can be relieved using different techniques and by taking natural supplements.
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How do I get rid of jet lag ASAP?

Here are 12 tips to help you beat jet lag faster on your next trip.
  1. Be Strategic with Your Light Exposure. ...
  2. Take Melatonin Supplements. ...
  3. Time Your Exercise Right. ...
  4. Time Your Meals Right. ...
  5. Pay Down Sleep Debt and Get in Circadian Alignment Before Your Flight. ...
  6. Maintain Excellent Sleep Hygiene. ...
  7. Start Adjusting Before You Travel.
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How do pilots cope with jet lag?

The key to beating jet lag begins with hydration. Flying alone dehydrates the body, and consuming dehydrating liquids will increase fatigue. Remaining hydrated allows the body to better process foods, which becomes more difficult at altitude. Along those same lines eating lightly will assist in this effort.
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Should I sleep on the plane to avoid jet lag?

Some people may even deliberately tire themselves out with the hope of sleeping through the flight. This may not work well. Resting well and getting good sleep before the flight is crucial to fight the effects of jet lag.
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Does jet lag get worse with age?

Age. It takes older adults longer to adjust to time zone changes and the symptoms of jet lag can feel worse.
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Does melatonin help jet lag?

Melatonin is remarkably effective in preventing or reducing jet lag, and occasional short‐term use appears to be safe. It should be recommended to adult travellers flying across five or more time zones, particularly in an easterly direction, and especially if they have experienced jet lag on previous journeys.
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Why is jet lag worse coming home?

Adjustment to a new time zone is harder when traveling east than traveling west. This is because you “lose” time and you end up trying to fall asleep when your body is actually waking up.
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Does eating on planes make jet lag worse?

because the digestive system shuts down at altitude. It further claims that eating worsens jet lag symptoms, because when your digestive system kicks back in once you land, it has more work to do, making you more tired. We spoke with nutritionists who say that this claim is completely false.
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Do pilots get tired of flying?

Fatigue is particularly prevalent among pilots because of "unpredictable work hours, long duty periods, circadian disruption, and insufficient sleep". These factors can occur together to produce a combination of sleep deprivation, circadian rhythm effects, and 'time-on task' fatigue.
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Why does jet lag feel so weird?

Jet lag can make you feel out of sorts due to an abrupt change in your body's internal clock or circadian sleep rhythms. Symptoms include headaches and difficulty sleeping (insomnia).
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Is jet lag 12 hour time difference?

The maximum jet lag that you can experience is 12 hours. If the difference between your flight's departure point and its destination exceeds 12 time zones, then you have to subtract the actual number of time zones from 24 to calculate the actual number of hours of jet lag that you will feel.
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Does drinking water help with jet lag?

Keep well hydrated.

Mild dehydration is common when traveling by air — and being dehydrated worsens the physical symptoms of jet lag. So drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after your flight. But avoid caffeine and alcohol.
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Is melatonin good for jet lag going west?

Taking melatonin will do two things: First, it will help shift the timing of the circadian clock to help you overcome jet lag more quickly. Second, it will help you sleep when you are transitioning between time zones by telling the brain to sleep at a different time than normal.
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What foods to avoid jet belly?

If you frequently experience bloating after eating, avoid these foods to reduce stomach pain:
  • Sweetened foods. Fructose malabsorption occurs in about 50% of the population. ...
  • Fructose-rich fruits. ...
  • Vegetables with fructans and galactans. ...
  • Milk and other dairy products. ...
  • Beans. ...
  • Sugar substitutes. ...
  • Grains. ...
  • Some fermented foods.
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What foods prevent bloating on a plane?

What to eat: Light, non-greasy meals: Opt for light meals that are low in fat and won't weigh you down. Examples include salads, grilled chicken or fish, and steamed vegetables or non-salted mixed nuts. Fresh fruits: Fruits are a great option as they are hydrating and contain natural sugars that provide energy.
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How do you stop jet lag sickness?

  1. drink plenty of water.
  2. keep active by stretching and regularly walking around the cabin.
  3. try to sleep if it's night time at your destination.
  4. use an eye mask and earplugs if they help you sleep.
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What annoys flight attendants the most?

Most Annoying Things Passengers Do According to Flight Attendants
  1. Incorrect Use of the Call Bell. ...
  2. Passengers Standing Up Before the Seatbelt Sign has been switched off. ...
  3. Passengers asking you to put their bags up in the hat rack. ...
  4. Passengers not listening to your safety instructions.
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Do flight attendants get to sleep on long flights?

Flight attendants on long-haul flights are provided with spaces to rest. Here's a photo of the crew rest area on a Boeing 787. Crew rest areas exist on all airplanes, but what these rest areas look like depends on the airline, aircraft and the length of the flight.
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How long are flight attendants usually gone for?

Typically, flight attendants work 12-14 days and log 65-85 flight hours each month, not including overtime. Flight attendant schedules can change month-to-month and some attendants may work more weeks than others.
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