Tip: You may answer along the lines of “My love for traveling and exploring will help me share my passion for adventure with others. I get to share my experience with like-minded individuals and help passengers relax and have a good time during their flight.”
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What are you passionate about cabin crew?

Example: "I have been passionate about travelling since I was a little kid and working as a cabin crew member would give me the opportunity to visit new places. I have over 10 years of experience working in customer service and I really enjoy helping other people.
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Why are you interested in cabin crew?

For those who love flying and travel, being a cabin crew is the right career choice for them. The prestigious job comes with a lot of advantages. Many people are attracted to the luxurious lifestyle of the cabin crew as well as the financial independence it adds to the occupation.
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What motivates you to be a cabin crew interview answer?

“I'm motivated by the chance to create a comfortable and safe environment for passengers. It's rewarding to know that I'm making a positive impact on their experience.” “I'm motivated by the chance to represent the airline and deliver a genuine service that ensures that passengers return to us time and time again.”
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How do you stand out in a cabin crew interview?

Here are 11 tips to help you have a successful flight attendant interview:
  1. Keep your resume updated. ...
  2. Find a clean, quiet room for video interviews. ...
  3. Dress appropriately. ...
  4. Check your social media. ...
  5. Practice interviewing. ...
  6. Arrive early. ...
  7. Stay organized. ...
  8. Be friendly.
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Becoming Cabin Crew - Sharing Our Passion

What is your greatest strength cabin crew interview?

Samples of Brief Answers
  • Being able to handle difficult customers/passengers.
  • Being calm in emergency situations.
  • Having a good memory (for faces, names, details)
  • Being able to think on your feet.
  • Good people skills.
  • Being physically fit.
  • Bilingualism – able to speak another (or more) languages.
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What makes you the best candidate for cabin crew?

“There are many qualities that make someone a good flight attendant. The top three are customer service, teamwork, and professionalism. Our primary job is to make sure the passenger has a good experience. Everything you do on a flight involves at least two, if not more team members.
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What motivates you to apply this role?

Good answers to the question 'what motivates you?'
  • meeting deadlines, targets or goals.
  • mentoring and coaching others.
  • learning new things.
  • coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new.
  • analysing complex data in order to draw clear and simple conclusions.
  • working well as part of a team.
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What is your strength answer for cabin crew?

Qualities like I'm a good athlete or I'm a professional dancer might not be the answers that the interviewer is looking for. Instead, describe qualities that might be required as a cabin crew member. Patience, teamwork, quick thinking, and fast learning are some of the qualities that would impress the interviewer.
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Why would you make a good flight attendant answer?

Highlight your customer service skills.

Highlight your ability to provide excellent customer service and how these skills allow you to provide the best experience for passengers. Be sure to emphasize how you use your communication and problem-solving skills, empathy, and patients to be successful as a flight attendant.
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Why should we hire you?

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”
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What hobbies should I tell in cabin crew interview?

for Cabin Crew Interview? To answer “what are your hobbies” question for cabin crew interview, you must mention hobbies and interest that align with this job like volunteering (helping people), playing sports (teamwork), leading a certain club (leadership qualities), and similar hobbies.
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Why do you want to work here?

Express your personal passion for the employer's product/service/mission. Employers want to know you're passionate about what they do, whether it takes the shape of a product, a service, a mission, or a brand. You can also connect your passion to the company's core values, which can often be found on their website.
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What do you love about being a flight attendant?

Opportunities to meet new people

Another great perk of being a flight attendant is meeting new, interesting people daily. Flight attendants work closely with passengers and get opportunities to talk to people from all over the world.
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How do you handle rude passengers?

9 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Passengers
  1. Keep it on the down-low. If a passenger raises a concern or looks as if they're about to cause a scene, respond in a calm, quiet manner. ...
  2. Switch it up. ...
  3. Use distraction. ...
  4. Talk to a colleague. ...
  5. Show compassion. ...
  6. Stop serving alcohol. ...
  7. Answer questions. ...
  8. Be kind to parents.
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What are the three qualities of cabin crew?

Key skills for air cabin crew
  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Good colour vision and hearing.
  • Good general health and fitness – many airlines require cabin staff to be able to swim at least 25m.
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What are you passionate about interview questions?

How to answer the question “What are you passionate about?”
  • Select something you're genuinely passionate about.
  • Explain why you're passionate about it.
  • Give examples of how you've pursued this passion.
  • Relate it back to the job.
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What attracted you to this position?

Opportunities - focus on how the role will provide you with the ability to further develop your career and specialise within your industry. At the end of this answer, you could also ask what kind of support they give or training opportunities do they offer.
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What inspires you and why?

Personal experiences are also a powerful source of inspiration. Our own triumphs and struggles can give us insight into our own abilities and limitations. Overcoming obstacles can be a source of great inspiration, as we realize our own strength and resilience.
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Why cabin crew is your dream job?

As a truly international role, flight attendants have the opportunity to work with a great team of people from varying backgrounds. You'll be working with a group of people who are all passionate about their jobs and committed to providing the best possible experience for passengers.
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How do you handle stress and pressure?

Common stress management strategies include:
  1. Staying positive.
  2. Using stress as a motivator.
  3. Accepting what you can't control.
  4. Practicing relaxation methods, like yoga or meditation.
  5. Choosing healthy habits.
  6. Learning how to manage time better.
  7. Making time for your personal life.
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What is the greatest strength you can bring to this position?

Make sure your answer is sincere. While you should speak about your strengths confidently, remember to give realistic answers. For example, if you're applying for a management position, you may say your greatest strength is your excellent problem-solving skills. Then, describe a challenge you solved in a previous role.
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What to tell in cabin crew interview about weakness?

I can't work under pressure. I get tired and weak easily. I am not good with customer service. I prefer working by myself and not with a team.
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What can you bring to this company?

State the aspect of the company, team, role, or its work that you've learned about and are about to speak to. Share what skill, experience, or other qualification you bring to the table that will help. “You can be clear and direct. Show your confidence,” Goodfellow says.
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